The intelligent circuit breaker

Thu Nov 29 14:54:01 CST 2018

A new type of micro circuit breaker based on artificial intelligence and Internet of things technology has made its debut.


This new type of intelligent circuit breaker, using microcomputer for data acquisition, comparison, operation, analysis and records, when the fault occurs, the electricity power can quickly, accurately issued instructions, the fastest can cut off the circuit in 0.005 seconds. Using artificial intelligence technology, implementation flow precise and timely open circuit, the electric leakage protection function automatically self-checking, etc., thus improved electric shock at the time of the human life security, as well as the electrical fire early warning and prevention level.


At the same time, based on Ethernet, 4 g and Zigbee, NB - IoT, IoT technologies such as circuit breakers and wisdom energy service cloud platform, the user side leakage current, voltage, current, temperature, power and fault alarm data segment and office building intelligence, wisdom, energy, energy saving, intelligent household, campus and wisdom hotel, intelligent community, intelligent charging pile and electrical fire safety regulation system integration and docking, realize remote control, real-time alarm, statistical computing, energy services, energy-saving management and data analysis.


At present, the intelligent circuit breaker presents the trend of replacing the traditional space, and the MAXGE ELECTRIC is also working on this aspect.


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