Selection of electronic RCD and electromagnetic RCD

Thu Nov 29 14:13:24 CST 2018

My country is now widely used for the use of the electrical power of the back-up circuit of the power source residual voltage of the electrical energy that can be used to make the electric subtype RCD in the hair and the ground to be able to refuse. The electromagnetism RCD action of the electrical energy of the barrier current should be reliable to guarantee the safety of the guarantor and the electric subtype RCD should be adopted according to the standard of building electrical international standard. Whether the electromagnetic type RCD should be used. Construction of low-voltage electrical manufacturing industry to expand the production of reliable electromagnetic type RCD

1 electronic type RCD and electromagnetic type is not the same place of RCD electronic RCD and electromagnetic RCD movement energy is different: the former in the case of grounding is disabled, borrow RCD terminal son of electrical source voltage fault residual pressure to provide electricity to action. The residual pressure can be insufficient when it is too low. It will refuse to move: the latter will be the electrical energy provided by the failure current of the RCD. There is danger, so the current can be operated, and the voltage of the source voltage is high and low, and the RCD can only be used when the power source is high enough. Therefore, the electric subtype RCD is not as reliable as the electromagnetic RCD movement reliable electronic RCD to make the materials and production work to be low. The cheaper price is widely used in my country. In Europe, more use of electro-magnetic RCD, and some developed countries, such as the United States, Japan, more adopt electronic RCD. It will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

Key word electronic RCD electromagnetic type RCD lightning protection short circuit protection and anti-protection "broken zero" protection.

In the building electric an RCD (residual current protective device) is an important protection of prevent body electric shock switch for electrical ShangShi ji 80 s pen to compile with the low pressure electric design specification "(GB 50054-95) there is a section designed door with RCD requirement stipulated 

 The international standard for building electrical appliances is also not specific to it. There are no rules to follow. So the rules of this section now look very simple and superficial. Due to the development of electric technology, the requirements for RCD loading are complicated and strict. There are many problems with RCD in use. This paper will only discuss one of its problems - the selection of electronic RCD and the selection of the electromagnetic RCD.

2. The limited nature of electronic RCD in tn-c - S system

The electronic RCD is the 8th in the RCD product standard "general demand for the residual current action protector" (GB/Z 6829-2008). 3. 3. There are three rules: "to/a is less than or equal to 0. The residual current protector of A is reduced to 50V (relative voltage) at the power supply voltage (the residual voltage of the power supply at the terminal of the RCD terminal when the ground fault occurs). If there is greater than or equal to the rated residual current action of residual current should be able to automatically "which shows that in the case of ground fault of China's electronic RCD so disabled minimum residual pressure action have been low in construction electrical international standard IEC 60364 e. (RCD in single phase circuit is 85 v. RCD in the three-phase loop is 70% circuit voltage. It raised the level of anti-shock.

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