Home distribution box wiring principle

Thu Nov 29 13:58:45 CST 2018

Distribution box is a power supply equipment, also known as power supply system, the appearance is a square box, the box is made of metal, stainless steel, steel, or plastic in one of the materials made. In this box, the switchgear, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment that control household electricity are installed. The distribution box wiring project is to connect these devices in a reasonable manner, so that power distribution equipment can be normal power transmission and power.


Usually, the wiring inside a new distribution box will be marked, just follow the instructions step by step can be. The distribution box outside the wiring is more complicated, especially some of the wall-mounted distribution box wiring. In order not to open the wall, many families will use the method of wire tube buried way, that is, put the wire inside the tube, and then along the wall bending. In addition, in addition to the distribution box according to the instructions of the cable layout, in order to ensure the quality of wiring, the following six wiring principles must remember:


1, the distance between strong and weak electric power in 30-50 cm, because strong will interfere with your TV and telephone;

2, strength and weakness can not wear the same tube;


3, the total cross-sectional area of the conductor wire is less than 40% of the cross-sectional area of the protective tube, such as the maximum 20 to wear four 2.5 square lines;

4, long-distance pipe as far as possible with the whole tube;


5, the line pipe if you need to connect, use the connector, the connector and the tube to use good glue;

6, if the cable is on the ground, should be immediately protected to prevent cracking, affecting the future maintenance

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