Correct application of RCBO

Thu Nov 29 13:34:00 CST 2018

With the increase of load after the transformation of rural power grid, the reliability of rural electricity demand is further improved. After adopting the classified sanctuary method in rural power grid, it is urgent to solve the precise operation rate of the asylum and the reliability of power supply. As a result, the classification of asylum must be reasonably graded, and the action characteristics of theRCBO at all levels should be coordinated with each other.

In the classified sanctuary mode, the ending refuge is the residential area, production workshop and service place, as a shelter from direct contact with electric shock or indirect contact electrical injury, electrical equipment damage and electrical fire. Terminal refuge should be installed in the power supply department of electrical equipment, such as power outlets, or even in the body of electric equipment (according to the specific circumstances of our current family, which can be installed in the incoming line power source of the incoming line).


The upper level sanctuary of the ending refuge is the central refuge. It should have the backup shelter of the ending refuge and avoid the fire accident caused by the single-phase ground short circuit of the electric circuit. The center for asylum position should be the focus of the load into the power line, such as power plant enterprise workshop power supply department, commercial establishments, point into line, the residents room floor unit in the power supply line, the total power of rural settlements in the plain near the line (a branch line in the village, large (villa type building) the power chamber inlet line). The end asylum and central asylum are the focus of the remnant current asylum assembly. For the further asylum, we should confirm the location and location of the transformer according to the specific capacity of the distribution transformer, the installation conditions and the health condition of the distribution line.


For a transformer with larger capacity and a two side outlet using frame potential circuit breaker as the total control, it is not suitable for general asylum. For the distribution line, there is no need to install general shelter for cable lines or leading wires. When the transformer capacity is at 100kV A and the moulded case circuit breaker is used as the total control, the low voltage distribution line, which is mainly based on crowding out lines, can be installed on the outlet side or the large branch line.

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