The SGBRi-6K Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker from Maxge: Improved Safety Solutions

At Maxge, we are thrilled to present our latest innovation, the SGBRi-6K Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker, also known as an RCBO breaker. This advanced device is designed to elevate electrical safety and protection in various settings. Offering A type and AC type tripping characteristics, the SGBRi-6K is tailored to meet diverse needs and requirements. With a residual current off time of less than 0.1 second, this circuit breaker provides quick response capabilities, ensuring efficient protection against electrical faults. Boasting a rated tripping current of up to 10mA, the SGBRi-6K delivers extremely sensitive protection for enhanced safety measures in electrical systems.

Versatile Tripping Characteristics for Varied Needs

The Maxge SGBRi-6K Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker stands out for its versatility, offering both A type and AC type tripping characteristics. The A type characteristic is ideal for protecting against sinusoidal AC residual currents, making it suitable for general electrical applications. On the other hand, the AC type characteristic is designed to respond to pulsating DC residual currents, providing specialized protection in specific scenarios. By offering two tripping characteristics, the SGBRi-6K caters to a wide range of needs and ensures tailored protection for different electrical environments.


Quick Response Time for Enhanced Safety

One of the key features of the SGBRi-6K is its rapid residual current off time of less than 0.1 second. This quick response time enables the circuit breaker to react swiftly to electrical faults, minimizing the risk of potential hazards and enhancing overall safety. By promptly disconnecting the circuit in the event of a fault, the SGBRi-6K helps prevent damage to equipment, reduces the likelihood of electrical fires, and ensures the reliability of the electrical system. This quick response capability is a critical aspect of the RCBO breaker's efficiency in protecting against electrical risks.


Extremely Sensitive Protection for Enhanced Safety Measures

With a rated tripping current of up to 10mA, the SGBRi-6K Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker offers extremely sensitive protection against residual currents. This high level of sensitivity allows the device to detect even the smallest electrical faults, providing advanced protection for electrical circuits and equipment. By offering such sensitive protection, the RCBO breaker ensures that potential risks are identified and addressed promptly, safeguarding against shocks, fires, and other electrical hazards. The SGBRi-6K's ability to offer extremely sensitive protection underscores its commitment to ensuring the safety and integrity of electrical systems.



In conclusion, the Maxge SGBRi-6K Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker, or RCBO breaker, is a reliable and innovative solution that enhances electrical safety in various applications. With its versatile tripping characteristics, quick response time, and extremely sensitive protection, the SGBRi-6K sets a new standard in electrical protection technology. Trust us to deliver cutting-edge RCBO breakers that prioritize safety, efficiency, and reliability, providing peace of mind and superior protection for electrical systems across different environments.

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