Elevating Safety with Maxge's SGBR-40AFD Arc Fault Detection Device

In the realm of electrical protection, RCBO circuit breakers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems. At Maxge, we are proud to introduce the innovative SGBR-40AFD Arc Fault Detection Device, designed to provide advanced protection against arc faults and other electrical hazards. With a rated conditional short-circuit current (Inc) of 6kA and rated current options ranging from 6A to 40A, the SGBR-40AFD offers tailored solutions for a wide range of electrical applications. Featuring a 1P+N configuration, rated voltage of 240VAC, and trip curves B and C, this device is engineered to meet stringent safety standards and enhance the performance of electrical circuits.

Enhanced Protection with Rated Current Options

The Maxge SGBR-40AFD Arc Fault Detection Device offers versatile protection with its range of rated current options. From 6A to 40A, this device caters to varying electrical loads, providing customized protection based on specific requirements. By offering a selection of rated currents, the SGBR-40AFD ensures that electrical systems are safeguarded effectively against overloads and faults, enhancing overall safety and reliability.


Efficient Configuration with 1P+N Design

Featuring a 1P+N configuration, the SGBR-40AFD Arc Fault Detection Device optimizes space utilization while maintaining high-performance standards. The compact design of the 1P+N module allows for seamless integration into electrical panels and enclosures, making it a practical solution for installations where space is a premium. This efficient configuration streamlines installation processes and ensures reliable protection for electrical circuits in a variety of settings.


Precision Safety Measures with Trip Curve Selection

The inclusion of trip curves B and C in the Maxge SGBR-40AFD Arc Fault Detection Device enhances its precision in detecting and responding to electrical faults. Trip curve selection enables users to customize the device's response characteristics based on the specific requirements of the electrical system. Whether it's a sensitive B curve for quick response to lower-level faults or a standard C curve for broader protection, the SGBR-40AFD offers tailored safety measures to address diverse scenarios and ensure optimal performance.



In conclusion, the Maxge SGBR-40AFD Arc Fault Detection Device sets a new standard in electrical safety, providing advanced protection against arc faults and other electrical hazards. Just as RCBO breakers are essential components in safeguarding electrical circuits, the SGBR-40AFD offers tailored solutions with its rated current options, 1P+N configuration, rated voltage, and trip curve selections. Trust Maxge to deliver cutting-edge devices that prioritize safety, efficiency, and reliability, ensuring the integrity of electrical systems in various applications. Embrace enhanced safety measures with the SGBR-40AFD, your partner in elevating electrical protection standards.

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