Advancing Safety Standards: Introducing the Maxge SGBR-40AFD Arc Fault Detection Device

At Maxge, we are proud to unveil the groundbreaking SGBR-40AFD Arc Fault Detection Device, a game-changer in electrical safety technology. The SGBR-40AFD represents a significant leap forward in safeguarding electrical systems by offering comprehensive 4-in-1 protection, including overload, short-circuit, arc fault, and earth fault protection. With a compact design and structure upgrades leading to a smaller volume, this device is engineered for maximum efficiency and safety. As experts in electrical solutions, we understand the importance of advanced protection measures, making the SGBR-40AFD an essential component in ensuring the reliability and safety of electrical circuits.

Comprehensive 4-in-1 Protection

The Maxge SGBR-40AFD Arc Fault Detection Device revolutionizes electrical safety with its comprehensive 4-in-1 protection system. This device offers overload protection, short-circuit protection, arc fault protection, and earth fault protection, covering a wide range of potential electrical hazards. By integrating multiple protective functions into a single device, the SGBR-40AFD provides a holistic approach to safeguarding electrical systems, minimizing risks and ensuring uninterrupted operation. With this all-encompassing protection, users can have peace of mind knowing their electrical circuits are secure against various types of faults.


Enhanced Features for Optimal Performance

Designed for versatility and efficiency, the SGBR-40AFD Arc Fault Detection Device boasts impressive features tailored to meet diverse electrical needs. With a range of rated current options from 6A to 40A, this device caters to different load requirements, offering flexibility in application. Additionally, with a width of 18mm, the SGBR-40AFD's compact design allows for easy integration into various electrical installations, optimizing space utilization without compromising on performance. The inclusion of a test button enables convenient testing of the device's functionality, ensuring that it is ready to detect and respond to any faults effectively.


User-Friendly Design for Simplified Operation

Maxge prioritizes user experience with the SGBR-40AFD Arc Fault Detection Device, incorporating user-friendly features for simplified operation. The device includes a visualization window that provides clear visibility of the device's status, allowing users to monitor operations and quickly identify any potential issues. This visual feedback enhances transparency and aids in troubleshooting, enabling efficient maintenance of the electrical system. With intuitive design elements such as the visualization window and test button, the SGBR-40AFD offers ease of use and practicality in enhancing electrical safety.



In conclusion, the Maxge SGBR-40AFD Arc Fault Detection Device represents a significant advancement in electrical safety technology, offering unparalleled protection and peace of mind. Just as RCBO breakers play a vital role in securing electrical circuits, the SGBR-40AFD sets a new standard with its 4-in-1 protection capabilities and user-friendly features. Trust Maxge to deliver cutting-edge solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and innovation in electrical protection. Stay ahead of electrical safety standards with the SGBR-40AFD, your trusted partner in safeguarding electrical systems.

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