SGB-63H Series Miniature Circuit Breakers: Optimizing Safety

As experts in electrical solutions, Maxge is excited to introduce the cutting-edge SGB-63H Series Miniature Circuit Breaker. This advanced circuit breaker combines superior protection with innovative features to ensure the safety and efficiency of various electrical systems.  With a remarkable breaking capacity of 10kA, the SGB-63H Series is designed to handle high levels of fault current, providing reliable overload and short-circuit protection for a wide range of applications. This miniature circuit breaker is an essential component in safeguarding electrical circuits and equipment from potential hazards.

Versatile Bus-bar Options for Enhanced Connectivity

The Maxge SGB-63H Series Miniature Circuit Breaker offers versatility in its design by providing both PIN type and Fork type bus-bar options. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into different electrical configurations, catering to the specific needs of various installations. Whether it's the simplicity of the PIN type or the robustness of the Fork type bus-bar, users can choose the connection method that best suits their requirements. By offering multiple bus-bar options, Maxge ensures compatibility and ease of installation for diverse electrical setups.


Visual Clarity with the Innovative Visualization Window

A standout feature of the SGB-63H Series Miniature Circuit Breaker is the inclusion of a visualization window that displays the contact position in red and green. This intuitive design element provides users with instant visual feedback on the status of the circuit breaker, allowing for quick identification of any abnormalities. The color-coded display enhances safety by enabling easy monitoring of the breaker's operations, ensuring that potential issues can be addressed promptly. The visualization window adds a layer of transparency and convenience to the user experience, enhancing overall system visibility.


Enhanced Performance with the New Lever Mechanism

Maxge has incorporated a self-developed new lever mechanism into the SGB-63H Series to elevate its arc extinction ability, extend product lifetime, and enhance operational convenience. This innovative mechanism enhances the circuit breaker's performance by improving its ability to extinguish arcs efficiently, thereby increasing its reliability in interrupting fault currents. Additionally, the enhanced durability provided by the new lever mechanism contributes to the longevity of the product, ensuring sustained functionality over an extended period. By prioritizing performance and user convenience, Maxge delivers a miniature circuit breaker that excels in both operation and longevity.



In conclusion, the Maxge SGB-63H Series Miniature Circuit Breaker sets a new standard for safety and efficiency in electrical protection.  With a focus on breaking capacity, versatile bus-bar options, a visualization window for enhanced monitoring, and a state-of-the-art lever mechanism for improved performance, this circuit breaker offers unrivaled reliability and convenience. As a crucial component in electrical systems, the SGB-63H Series exemplifies Maxge's commitment to delivering top-quality solutions that prioritize safety, innovation, and user experience. Trust Maxge to provide cutting-edge miniature circuit breakers that elevate the security and performance of your electrical infrastructure.

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