Unveiling the Maxge SGR/2 4P Series Residual Current Circuit Breaker: Your Ultimate Electrical Safety Companion

As Maxge, we are thrilled to introduce you to a groundbreaking addition to our lineup of cutting-edge electrical solutions - the Maxge SGR/2 4P Series Residual Current Circuit Breaker. This advanced electronic circuit breaker is designed to redefine the standards of safety and efficiency in electrical circuits while prioritizing user protection and equipment longevity.

Innovative Technology Behind the Maxge SGR/2 4P Series RCCB

The Maxge SGR/2 4P Series Residual Current Circuit Breaker boasts a remarkable design that incorporates high-quality materials and innovative technology. The moving contact, crafted from T3Y2 material and fused with AgC4 silver dots, offers exceptional arc corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and welding resistance. These features collectively enhance the electrical lifetime of the product, ensuring prolonged durability and consistent performance.


Enhanced User Experience with Handle Printing Feature

A handle printing that indicates the on-off position is included in the Maxge SGR/2 4P Series RCCB, which is one of the most notable features of this electronic device. In addition to making the operation and monitoring of the circuit breaker more straightforward, this user-friendly innovation also makes it possible for users to quickly and easily determine the current status of the device. Through the incorporation of this user-friendly function, Maxge places an emphasis on the convenience and safety of its users, thereby rendering the management of electrical circuits more straightforward and effective.


Ensuring Safety Through Stable Installation Practices

At Maxge, we understand the critical importance of stable installation practices when it comes to electrical equipment. The SGR/2 4P Series RCCB is engineered to facilitate stable installation, providing a secure and reliable setup for optimal performance. By emphasizing the significance of proper installation procedures, Maxge ensures that the RCCB functions seamlessly within electrical circuits, minimizing risks and maximizing safety for users and equipment alike.



In conclusion, the Maxge SGR/2 4P Series Residual Current Circuit Breaker represents a significant leap forward in the realm of electronic circuit breakers. Through the integration of cutting-edge technology with user-centric features like handle printing and stability in installation, this RCCB establishes a new benchmark for the dependability and safety of electrical systems. At Maxge, we are committed to offering solutions that not only meet but also beyond the requirements of the industry. This allows us to achieve our goal of giving our clients with the assurance and peace of mind that their electrical systems deserve.

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