Maximizing Safety and Efficiency with Maxge Final Distribution Products

At Maxge, we are dedicated to providing top-quality final distribution products that ensure the efficient distribution and protection of electricity in various settings. Our range of products plays a crucial role in controlling and safeguarding power flow, guaranteeing a safe and reliable power supply. With an emphasis on meeting diverse power needs, our solutions are widely utilized in buildings, industrial facilities, energy systems, and infrastructure to maintain the proper functioning of power systems.

EPB-63Se Series Miniature Circuit Breaker

Discover the EPB-63Se Series Miniature Circuit Breaker, a key component in terminal power distribution circuits for commercial office buildings, residential structures, and general industrial applications. With a design suitable for AC 50Hz systems, rated voltages up to 400V, and rated currents up to 63A, this circuit breaker ensures essential overload and short-circuit protection for circuits. This circuit breaker is not only aesthetically stunning but also provides dependable performance and a large breaking capacity, making it an essential component in electrical safety systems. Its modular design is one of the contributing factors to its overall attractiveness.


Versatile Application and Reliable Performance

The EPB-63Se Series Miniature Circuit Breaker from Maxge is designed to provide critical protection in a variety of settings, ensuring the continuous and safe operation of power distribution circuits. Whether it's protecting office buildings, residential complexes, or industrial environments, this electronic circuit breaker offers versatile and reliable performance, adapting to different power requirements and effectively managing electrical loads.


Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Power Distribution

By incorporating the EPB-63Se Series Miniature Circuit Breaker into your electrical systems, you can enhance both safety and efficiency in power distribution. This advanced circuit breaker not only safeguards against overloads and short circuits but also contributes to the overall reliability of power networks. Because of its exquisite design, sturdy construction, and high breaking capacity, it is a reliable option for guaranteeing that the power supply is uninterrupted and protecting electrical equipment in a variety of applications.



Maxge's EPB-63Se Series Miniature Circuit Breaker stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in providing reliable and innovative solutions for power distribution and protection. As an essential element in final distribution products, this electronic circuit breaker offers unparalleled safety features, versatile application, and high-performance characteristics. Elevate your electrical systems with Maxge's cutting-edge solutions, ensuring a secure and efficient power supply for buildings, industries, and infrastructure worldwide. Trust Maxge for superior final distribution products that prioritize safety, efficiency, and quality.

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