Enhancing Electrical Safety and Efficiency with Maxge's SGB-63L Series Miniature Circuit Breaker

As an enthusiast in the field of electrical safety and efficiency, I am excited to introduce you to Maxge's SGB-63L Series Miniature Circuit Breaker. Engineered to offer reliable protection for terminal power distribution circuits, this MCB breaker boasts a breaking capacity of 6kA, ensuring robust performance in critical situations. With innovative features like the self-developed lever mechanism, visualization window, and availability of both PIN type and Fork type bus-bar interfaces, the SGB-63L Series is designed to provide superior safety and convenience.

Revolutionizing Arc Extinction with Innovative Design


The SGB-63L Series Miniature Circuit Breaker from Maxge incorporates a self-developed lever mechanism that enhances its arc extinction ability, contributing to prolonged product longevity and ease of operation. The visualization window adds an extra layer of safety by displaying the contact position in red and green, allowing users to easily monitor the circuit breaker's status. Additionally, the availability of both PIN type and Fork type bus-bar interfaces ensures compatibility with various installation setups, offering flexibility and versatility in electrical configurations.


Prioritizing User-Friendly Features for Enhanced Functionality


Maxge's commitment to user-centric design is evident in the SGB-63L Series. The inclusion of a visualization window not only enhances safety but also provides users with clear parameters to monitor the circuit breaker's operation effectively. The stable installation mechanism ensures secure placement, minimizing the risk of disruptions or malfunctions. Moreover, the Fork type bus-bar interface offers a reliable connection method that simplifies installation procedures, making it easier for users to set up and maintain the circuit breaker.


Ensuring Safety and Efficiency in Electrical Systems


The SGB-63L Series Miniature Circuit Breaker stands out for its unparalleled safety features and efficient performance. With a breaking capacity of 6kA, this MCB breaker offers reliable protection against overloads and short circuits. Its innovative design, including the self-developed lever mechanism and visualization window, exemplifies Maxge's dedication to advancing electrical safety solutions. Whether installed in commercial, residential, or industrial settings, the SGB-63L Series guarantees stable installation, clear parameters, and a Fork type bus-bar interface for seamless operation and maintenance.




Maxge's SGB-63L Series Miniature Circuit Breaker raises the bar for electrical safety and efficiency. With its advanced features, breaking capacity of 6kA, and user-friendly design elements, this MCB breaker represents a significant advancement in the industry. By prioritizing innovation, reliability, and convenience, Maxge continues to set new standards for MCB breakers, empowering users to operate their electrical systems with confidence and peace of mind. Trust Maxge to deliver cutting-edge solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and functionality in electrical protection devices.

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