Innovating Circuit Protection with Maxge's SGM6E-630H Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Electronic Type With Button

As an industry enthusiast deeply engaged in advanced circuit protection technologies, I am excited to introduce you to the cutting-edge SGM6E-630H Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Electronic Type With Button by Maxge. This MCCB electronic type with a user-friendly button interface is designed to deliver optimal performance and reliability in electrical systems. Join me as we delve into the exceptional features that set this circuit breaker apart, from its high breaking capacity to its wide temperature adaptability.

The Next Level of Circuit Protection


The SGM6E-630H Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Electronic Type With Button offers a new level of sophistication in circuit protection solutions. Engineered for AC 50Hz/60Hz systems with a rated voltage of up to 415V and rated current ranging from 16A to 400A, this MCCB serves as an ideal choice for infrequent circuit changeovers or motor startups. The user-friendly button interface simplifies operation and control, enhancing the overall user experience while ensuring efficient and reliable circuit protection.


Unmatched Performance and Resilience


Featuring a high breaking capacity of up to 100kA, the SGM6E-630H MCCB guarantees robust protection against overloads and short circuits, safeguarding critical equipment and electrical installations. Moreover, its wide temperature adaptability allows for reliable operation in diverse environments, with the circuit breaker functioning seamlessly in temperatures ranging from -25to 55. This resilience ensures consistent performance under varying conditions, making it a dependable choice for a wide range of applications.


Elevating User Experience and System Safety


Maxge's SGM6E-630H MCCB breaker not only prioritizes performance but also focuses on enhancing the user experience and system safety. The innovative button interface provides intuitive control and monitoring capabilities, allowing users to efficiently manage and regulate electrical circuits with ease. Additionally, the MCCB's wide temperature adaptability ensures uninterrupted functionality under challenging environmental conditions, contributing to enhanced system safety and reliability.




The SGM6E-630H Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Electronic Type With Button from Maxge represents a leap forward in the field of MCCB breakers, combining advanced features with user-friendly design elements to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. With its high breaking capacity, wide temperature adaptability, and intuitive button interface, this circuit breaker is poised to revolutionize circuit protection in various applications. Trust Maxge to lead the way in enhancing efficiency, dependability, and safety in electrical systems while continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation in the realm of MCCB breakers.

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