How about the development prospect of the industrial robots industry?

It could be confirmed that the development prospects of industrial machinery are very well, which can be reflected in the following aspects:



First, industrial robots belong to the national strategy ‘Made in China 2025’.

In the country’s 10-year plan to implement a manufacturing powerhouse, ‘intelligent manufacturing engineering’ is clearly proposed. Among them, the use of intelligent manufacturing is mentioned, and robots are used to replace operators to realize factory intelligence and digitization.

It is foreseeable that industrial robots with intelligent manufacturing as the priority representative will play an important role on the road of national rejuvenation.




Second, industrial robots are still a primary industry in China.

The development and use of industrial robots in Europe, America and Japan is very high, and their technology is also very mature, and compared to domestic industrial robots, it is still in the initial stage. Maybe we will catch up with them very fast, but it is an indisputable fact that our industry is still in its infancy.




Third, the employment prospects of industrial robots are very well.

At present, there is a very large gap of employees engaged in industrial robot-related industries, and many of those who arrive are rushed to work after the training is completed. If they’re experienced engineers, they will be very popular.

From the designer's perspective, the current job positions can be roughly divided into robot body design, robot software system design, robot application design, robot field debugging and programming, etc. Take the on-site commissioning engineer as an example, the salary is basically higher than ordinary electrical workers. Of course, on-site commissioning is also tiring and the environment is not good.



Fourth, the reduction of demographic dividend is forced.

The original intention of intelligence and automation is to replace people with machines, and the reduction of the demographic dividend is also accelerating this process.

Each industry has gold, and the key is that whether we are ready to pick up gold.

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