Meet Maxge at Canton Fair 2024

With over 17 years of experience,  Maxge is a leading high-tech enterprise and manufacturer of electrical distribution and control devices. We have been committed to the design and manufacturing of terminal power distribution, industrial control power distribution, and new energy power distribution products to meet the demands of the energy industry and provide high-quality products.

At Maxge, we aspire to work with companies that share our vision for a future of safe, green, and smart electricity. Thats why we have confirmed our participation at Canton Fair 2024.


You can meet us at:

Booth Number: C29-30&D10-11

Venue: Venue 15.2

Exhibit Time: April 15th to 19th

Address: Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China


What Is Canton Fair?

The Canton Fair, or the China Import and Export Fair, is a renowned trade event that has been a cornerstone of international trade for decades. The 135th Canton Fair 2024 is planned to be held from April 15th to May 5th. The Canton Fair location will be the Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China. The onsite exhibition is divided into 3 phases, each catering to different industries. This ensures a comprehensive display of products and services across industries.


The Canton Fair 2024 is a melting pot of global businesses. It attracts exhibitors and attendees from different industries, such as electronics, machinery, vehicles, etc. It is a hub for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, and industry professionals from all corners of the globe to expand their market reach and establish new partnerships.


Why Maxge Attends the Canton Fair 2024

Our participation in the Canton Fair China 2024 is strategically planned to:


Increase Brand Awareness

We aim to elevate our brand visibility on an international scale. The fair provides an unparalleled opportunity to present our commitment to innovation and quality to a broad spectrum of potential clients and partners.


Find New Customers

With a diverse range of attendees, the Canton Fair 2024 is the perfect platform for us to connect with new customers, explore untapped markets, and expand our global footprint.


New Product Launch

We see the Canton Fair as a stage for launching new products and capitalize on the event's prominence to generate buzz and attract early adopters among the attending professionals.


Very Powerful Marketing Medium

The Canton Fair serves as an effective marketing medium. This allows us to showcase our products directly to a concentrated audience and maximize the impact of our marketing efforts.


Network and Build Relationships within the Industry

We value the opportunity to network with peers, distributors, and other industry stakeholders. The fair facilitates relationship-building that could lead to strategic alliances and collaborative projects.


Lead in Smart Living

We are poised to reinforce our position as a leader in smart living solutions. The fair provides an excellent platform to communicate this message to a global audience.


Making Electricity Safe, Green, and Smart

Our mission aligns with the global shift towards sustainable practices. At the Canton Fair 2024, we aim to showcase our contributions to making electricity safe, green, and smart for all.

Meet Maxge at Canton Fair 2024

Our participation in the Canton Fair 2024 is a strategic move that underscores our commitment to innovation and global presence. At Maxge, we are eager to showcase our cutting-edge products and reaffirm our dedication to delivering safe, green, and smart electricity solutions. At Booth C29-30 & D10-11 in Venue 15.2, we invite you to join us for a firsthand look at how we're shaping a more sustainable and connected world.

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