A Comprehensive Introduction to Air Circuit Breakers

An unreliable electrical system poses several hazards. Malfunctions can lead to serious issues like short circuits and overloads. These issues threaten the safety of lives and property. Therefore, it is crucial to have robust protection devices in the electrical system that can detect faults and interrupt the power supply quickly to prevent damage. A quality air circuit breaker plays a key role in this regard by enhancing safety through reliable operation.

Air Circuit Breaker: Overview and Structure

An air circuit breaker is a smart protection device that automatically stops current flow during a fault like an overload or short circuit. It contains an operating mechanism that opens the contacts when a fault current is detected. Its structure has the following mechanisms and components:


1.Operating Mechanism

The operating mechanism of an ACB acts as the ‘muscles’ and employs stored compressed air/spring potential energy to open the contacts when overloads or short circuits are detected. Thermal and magnetic trips control air release for quick operation.


2.Smart Controller

The smart controller of an ACB acts as the ‘brain. Advanced air circuit breaker models contain microprocessor controllers for self-testing, parameter settings as per application, real-time monitoring of feeder health, event logging, and communication with facility management systems. This enables predictive maintenance.


3.Energy Storage Mechanism

Internally housed compressed air cylinders or springs act as the energy backup. Their release force is sufficient to reliably disjoin contacts within milliseconds, even at very high fault current values.


4.Arc-Extinguishing Chamber

The separating contacts complete their travel in this enclosed section. Arc chutes made of insulating material and blowout magnets help suppress arcs by diverting and dissipating them safely. This prevents flashovers.


5.Trip Unit

Modern digital trip units have adjustable pick-up thresholds for overload and short-circuit faults. They instantly compare monitored current with pre-programmed setpoints and trigger the operating mechanism in case of over-limits.


The Applications of Air Circuit Breakers

An ACB finds wide applications given its reliability and safety. It is suitable for protection in offices, malls, homes, and industrial settings.


1.Office Buildings

2000 Amp circuit breaker products can protect circuits used for workstations, lighting loads, HVAC systems, UPS backups, IT server rooms, and more. The intelligent models with data monitoring functions help undertake predictive maintenance in offices.


2.Commercial Complexes

In malls, retail shops, restaurants, and other commercial businesses, air circuit breakers protect general lighting and power circuits. The flexible ratings of an ACB allow the protection of varying loads in multi-tenant setups.


3.Industrial Fields

In the industrial sector, air circuit breakers protect critical equipment like machinery and motors in manufacturing. Construction sites rely on them for safe power networks. Warehouses use them to safeguard loads such as lighting and refrigeration. Their adjustable ratings and durable enclosures suit diverse indoor and outdoor applications.


Product Highlight: MGW6 Air Circuit Breaker Series

Maxge is a leading manufacturer in the switchgear industry. Founded in 2006, our company has a talented R&D team of over 100 personnel and manufacturing plants certified with stringent quality standards. We have implemented an internal initiative focused on advancing a green and low-carbon development model in 2023. Through our smart production bases, automated assembly lines, and a strong portfolio of patented switching solutions, we have established ourselves as a pioneering enterprise.


At Maxge, our top air circuit breaker series is the MGW6. It has three popular models, i.e., MGW6-4000, MGW6-2000, and MGW6-1600. Suitable for power supply and protection in various buildings, these different models meet requirements for different current ratings and installation spaces. The MGW6 series features high-performance circuit breaking and has various intelligent and communicative functions:

  • High breaking capacity with frame size rated current up to 7500A
  • Zero arcing technology to prevent arc re-ignition and ensure safe, reliable protection
  • Intelligent protection functions, e.g., overcurrent, short circuit, ground fault protections, etc.
  • Data management and remote monitoring via communication functions
  • Multiple intelligent controller panels for settings and monitoring
  • Opening and closing button, an indicator for local control
  • Energy storage/release indicator for easy maintenance
  • Optional fixed type and draw-out mounting
  • Improved arc-extinguishing chamber structure for efficient breaking


Overall, air circuit breakers play a pivotal role in electrical safety by reliably interrupting faults. Their compact structure, flexible applications, and intelligent features make them ideal protection devices. At Maxge, we offer technologically advanced solutions that meet global standards. Our products ensure a safe and secure power supply in various installations. Consider our smart circuit breaker solutions for enhanced protection in electrical systems. Visit our website to learn more about them.

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