Charge and win the final battle | MAXGE goes all out to achieve year-end goals

2023 is coming to an end, and its time to fight with all our strength again. All departments of MAXGE are making every effort to achieve annual goals, accelerate the completion of various tasks, and take multiple measures to maintain quality and increase production.

Go all out and organize work in an orderly manner

In order to effectively prepare for the achievement of year-end goals, all departments of MAXGE jointly held a year-end mobilization conference. Comprehensively sort out the 2023 annual assessment objectives and current problems in various departments, uniformly formulate corresponding measures, and make arrangements for the next step of work. All departments need to work together to complete the December work plan, and complete various tasks with quality and quantity.

At the end of the conference, leaders of each department have made commitments to achieve their respective goals.

No excuses,no reasons. Everything is oriented towards achieving sales goals! We believe that all departments will be able to achieve their goals perfectly and draw a perfect end to their efforts in 2023.

Anchor goals and proceed in an orderly manner

Each workshop always takes annual production goals and tasks as its work orientation, thoroughly implements the relevant arrangements of the company's conference, and insists on ensuring quality, delivery date, and output. At this critical moment, all employees work together to achieve annual goals. The production department fully develops team spirit and continuously optimizes the production process and improves efficiency through effective collaboration and communication to ensure that tasks can be completed on time.

Quality Control and Strive for Improvement

To ensure the quality of our products, each workshop has strengthened employee training and urged employees to strengthen self-examination. This can effectively reduce the risk of quality problems caused by operational errors or carelessness. At the same time, workshop production team leaders and quality personnel are also arranged to strengthen on-site inspections to ensure product quality to the greatest extent. The implementation of these measures enables quality problems in the production process to be effectively controlled and provides reliable guarantee for providing customers with high-quality products.

Efficiency optimization and timely delivery

As the end of the year approaches, order volume also increases. While product output and quality are guaranteed, the on-time delivery rate also needs to be improved accordingly.

Warehouse managers are rationally planning the warehouse layout, expanding storage space, and optimizing the delivery process to ensure that the warehouse can process and arrange shipment in time after receiving the shipment notification. These initiatives will help normalize shipments and overall improve customer satisfaction.

Everyone at MAXGE will work together to achieve our annual goals!

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