Leaders of the Yueqing Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference and members of the Federation of Industry and Commerce visited Maxge Electric for guidance and inspection

On the morning of December 16, leaders of the Yueqing Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference and members of the Federation of Industry and Commerce visited Maxge Electric Technology Co., Ltd. for guidance and inspection. Peng Sufu, chairman of Maxge Electric, warmly welcomed them.

As one of the most important bases of the domestic low-voltage electrical manufacturing industry, Yueqing City has cultivated many well-known enterprises. Among the visitors, many were managers from well-known companies in the low-voltage electrical industry. Through the on-site visits to Maxge factories, we can benefit from each other's experiences, learn and communicate. Therefore, this visit is of great significance to Maxge Electric.

During the visit, Peng Sufu, chairman of Maxge Electric, fully introduced the construction of Maxge Electrics intelligent workshop to the visitors. He stated the situation in detail about the production craft, technical equipment, technology research and development and product features of the intelligent workshop. It would help visitors better understand the development status and technical strength of Maxge Electric.


After the visit, Mr. Peng told the visiting leaders about the corporate culture of Maxge and the origins between Maxge and Yueqing City. Mr. Peng said: The developing prospects of the low-voltage electrical industry are very broad. In the future, Maxge will continue to delve into the field of low-voltage electrical, explore more possibilities in the low-voltage electrical industry, seize the world trends, and build a safer, greener, and smarter low-voltage electrical ecosystem.

After listening to Mr. Pengs introduction, Chairman Chen Xiangdong affirmed and spoke highly of Maxge Electrics technical strength and corporate development prospects. He said that Maxge should not only focus on product quality, but also accelerate corporate innovation to promote corporate development. Currently, the Internet and Artificial Intelligence(AI) are constantly developing. If companies want to keep up with the trend of the times, they must accelerate the digital transformation of the industry and apply with smarter and more cutting-edge technical equipment, in order to producing higher quality and high-tech supported product.

Since its establishment, Maxge Electric has always firmly believed that product quality is the key to the long-term development of the company. Maxge has been planning the digital transformation and upgrading of factories since 2015, making use of digital technologies, improving operational efficiency, decision-making and enhancing customer experience and saving costs.


In the past 17 years, Maxge Electric has always been market-oriented, with technology as the core driving force, quality as an important cornerstone, customer needs as the center, and altruism and win-win as the basis. The company always adheres to the spirit of truth-seeking and innovation, constantly pursues excellence, and provides users with high-quality, cost-effective products and services.

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