BSN Netherlands Business School organized students to visit MAXGE

On February 11, 2023, BSN Netherlands Business School organized students to visit MAXGE Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

BSN Netherlands Business School is an applied science university approved by the Dutch government and the Chinese government. It is a pioneer in applying the "action learning method" to the field of business management education in the world, and it is one of the earliest business schools in the Netherlands.

Adhering to the learning concept of "international vision, unity of knowledge and action", the business school is committed to cultivating management elites and industry leaders with global vision and international competitiveness.

The main content of this event is an exchange and study of the EMBA class of BSN Netherlands Business School entering Deqing and MAXGE Electric.

It is a great honor for MAXGE to be the first stop for the EMBA class of BSN Netherlands Business School to visit and exchange.

Many entrepreneurs and senior managers gathered in the class, led by class leader Peng Sufu, who eagerly exchanged experience in action learning and local practice in the digital economy.

MAXGE warmly welcomes every student.This was the first meeting of the students after the new year, which brought a special meaning to this event.And this is not only an opportunity for exchange and learning, but also an opportunity for old classmates to reminisce about the old days.

In the first step, Chairman Peng Sufu showed the students the overall solution of MAXGE's  smart digital production management system. This solution enables visual management of the production, quality, and equipment status of each workshop.

The students said that it is inevitable for the traditional manufacturing industry to become intelligent, and how to use existing resources to transform quickly is the key.

BSN Business School in the Netherlands has been advocating the concept of action learning and practicing action learning methods, and MAXGE is also using its own actions to explore the way to become a "digital smart factory".

During the visit to the production workshops, the students exchanged experience in production management.

MAXGE believes that accelerating the development of digitization, networking and intelligence can effectively improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Since the continuous development of the "smart factory" construction in 2017, most of our workshops have fully realized digitalization and intelligence, which has greatly improved the efficiency of production and management.

Wang Xiaojian's theme sharing of "New Business Opportunities for Cross-Border E-Commerce" brought a new brand development idea to all the students present.

The essence of marketing is the technological evolution of user communication and sales channels. The "consumer-centric" business thinking can better tap the customer lifetime value, allowing brands to seize the minds of customers.

MAXGE will absorb the essence of the DTC business model and polish a new business model belonging to MAXGE.

The whole venue has been full of heated discussions. Although we come from different industries, we have the same dream. We hope that everyone will gain something from this event. May we not forget our original intention and become bigger and stronger in our own field.

When studying at the BSN Netherlands Business School, Chairman Peng Sufu, as the monitor of the EMBA class, has been leading by example, using theory to practice in the study, and applying the school's action learning method to his own reality. In different activities, he also actively plays a leading role.

Wish BSN Netherlands Business School can help more business managers improve their thinking and grow, and create higher value for the society.

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