The 133rd Canton Fair | MAXGE together with new energy to create a green new future and share a smart and better life

On April 19th, the China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair) successfully concluded at the Pazhou International Exhibition Center in Guangzhou.

The five-day (14th-19th) Canton Fair gathered many experts in the field of new energy and government leaders, and MAXGE stood out from the crowd of low-voltage electrical & smart energy manufacturers, and its main products attracted much attention.

In addition, MAXGE has also received the concern and encouragement of government leaders such as Chen Zhicheng, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, and Bi Changzheng, member of the Standing Committee of Deqing County and deputy county magistrate.

Chen said that as one of the key foreign trade enterprises in Zhejiang Province, MAXGE will make outstanding contributions to the development of foreign trade in Zhejiang Province.

Bi encouraged MAXGE to continue to strengthen technological innovation, improve product quality, and promote the development of foreign trade in Deqing County.

MGW3 series is a new type Air circuit breaker(ACB) with excellent performance launched by MAXGE, which is suitable for commercial and public buildings, industrial, residential, energy development and other industry projects.

The frame size level of this product covers 630A~7500A.MGW3 adopts new intelligent power distribution and lean operation and maintenance technology.With high performance and high reliability,it can be intelligently interconnected.Also it is convenient and easy to use, and has isolation function,which complies with IEC 60947-1 and GB/T14048.1-2012 standards.

MGW3 has a powerful intelligent tripping unit, which fully covers the diverse needs of customers.

In the 133rd Canton Fair, MAXGE received more than 100 domestic and foreign merchants, and the total amount of on-site orders and intended orders exceeded 15 million US dollars.

MAXGE is committed to becoming a world-class manufacturer of intelligent electric. It will make due contributions to the glorious development of China's intelligent manufacturing and national brands.

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