MAXGE Electric won the 2022 Zhejiang Smart Factory (Digital Workshop) Certification!

According to the overall work deployment of the digital reform of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee on the construction of a digital economic system and the requirements of the "Zhejiang Provincial Digital Workshop/Smart Factory Construction Implementation Plan (2019-2022)"and the "Notice on Organizing the 2021 Provincial Smart Factory (Digital Workshop) Evaluation Work",after enterprise declaration, local recommendation, expert review and public announcement, MAXGE Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the second batch of "Smart Factories" (Digital Workshops) in Zhejiang Province in 2022.

The recognition of "Smart Factory" (Digital Workshop) in Zhejiang Province is a great affirmation of the industry strength and intelligent production of MAXGE, and it also means high expectations for the future development of MAXGE.

MAXGE Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. It has smart production bases in both Deqing and Wuhu.

The company mainly produces ACB, MCCB, MCB, RCCB, distribution boxes and other products,the service market is mainly export, taking into account domestic sales, and MAXGE is committed to becoming a world-class manufacturer of intelligent electric.

Relying on the corporate mission of "making electricity safe, green and smart", the company strives to build an industrial 4.0 smart factory with leading technology, excellent quality, green and low carbon, and integrated production and intelligent manufacturing.

MAXGE interconnects information among key technical equipment such as automatic assembly equipment, intelligent sensing and control equipment, intelligent detection and assembly equipment,and applying the visual production management technology of MES to the workshop production line to realize the two-way integration of ERP and MES systems.

Through the overall solution of intelligent electronic visual screen, the original invisible content in the production process is transformed into intelligent, visualized and real-time management, so that the production, quality and equipment status are completely under control.

At present, most of the MAXGE's workshops have fully realized digital visual production.

Since Deqing MAXGE started the strategic planning of the digital intelligence workshop in 2016, it has a workshop area of 12,000 square meters today, and the automation scale of the workshop has reached the industry-leading level.

Automatic workshops (covering MCB workshop, ACB/MCCB workshops, RCCB/RCBO workshops, etc.), with a total of more than 40 production lines, and more than 90% of which are covered by automated assembly lines, semi-automatic assembly lines, and automatic inspection lines.

Through the construction of "Smart Factory", MAXGE has realized the intelligentization rate of key equipment reaching more than 80%, the numerical control rate of key processing procedures reaching more than 90%, increasing production efficiency by more than 50%, reducing personnel by more than 50%, and reducing operating costs by 24%, the product development cycle is shortened by 40%, the rate of defective products is reduced by 90%, and the energy consumption per unit of output value is reduced by more than 20%.

Taking this as an opportunity, the production and manufacturing management capabilities will be upgraded to the industry and even the international advanced level,establish a benchmark for network collaborative manufacturing in the low-voltage electrical field, and effectively promote the development of country's low-voltage electrical industry.

With its own technical team, MAXGE will continue to carry out the construction of "Smart Factory". From mold design and manufacturing, automation equipment application and transformation, online testing equipment design and application, and the construction practice of information integration systems (ERP, MES, PLM, WMS/WCS, etc.), explore a digital workshop model that fits the production of the electrical industry.

In terms of enterprise management, MAXGE will also integrate information management, customer relationship management, and supplier relationship management systems (OA, CRM, SRM, etc.) to improve the digital management level of MAXGE and strengthen the digital production chain of the electrical industry.

MAXGE thoroughly implements the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and anchors the goal of building Smart Factory. The company actively increases investment in factory digitization, accelerates the construction of a modern industrial system, and promotes high-quality and high-speed economic development of the company.

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