Introducing Maxge's SGM6E-400H Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Electronic Type With Button for Enhanced Electrical Protection

At Maxge, we are committed to pioneering innovative solutions that redefine electrical safety and efficiency. Today, we are delighted to introduce our latest product, the SGM6E-400H Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Electronic Type With Button. This MCCB breaker represents a significant advancement in circuit protection technology, offering unparalleled features and capabilities to meet the diverse needs of modern electrical systems.

Enhanced Control with Button Operation

In order to provide customers with improved control and convenience when it comes to the management of electrical circuits, the SGM6E-400H MCCB Electronic Type With Button was developed. A user-friendly interface that allows for smooth involvement with the system is provided by this circuit breaker, which incorporates a button operating mechanism. Applications that require frequent tweaks or changes in circuit configurations are great candidates for this device because of its user-friendly button form, which makes operation more straightforward.


Optimized Performance for Varied Applications

With a frame size of 400, the SGM6E-400H MCCB Electronic Type With Button is versatile and adaptable to a wide range of electrical applications. Suitable for AC 50Hz/60Hz environments with a rated voltage of up to 415V and rated current ranging from 16A to 400A, this MCCB breaker excels in scenarios that necessitate infrequent changeover of circuits or occasional motor starting. Its optimized performance capabilities make it an ideal choice for commercial, industrial, and residential settings.


Reliable Protection with Frame Size 400

The SGM6E-400H Moulded Case Circuit Breaker is a clear example of Maxge's dedication to ensuring the safety and availability of its products. The MCCB breaker, which has a frame size of 400, provides powerful protection against overcurrents and short circuits, hence maintaining the integrity of electrical systems under a variety of load circumstances. The frame size lays the groundwork for consistent performance and efficient circuit protection, which is what makes the SGM6E-400H a reliable choice for applications that are of the utmost importance.



In conclusion, the SGM6E-400H Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Electronic Type With Button exemplifies Maxge's dedication to delivering cutting-edge MCCB breaker solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and user-friendliness. With its button operation, versatile performance capabilities, and reliable protection features, the SGM6E-400H stands out as a key player in enhancing electrical systems' resilience and functionality. Trust Maxge to provide premium MCCB breakers that elevate electrical safety standards and empower users to manage their systems with confidence.

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