Introducing Maxge's iSGM6E-800H Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Electronic Type With LCD

At Maxge, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for electrical safety and efficiency. Today, we are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation – the iSGM6E-800H Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Electronic Type With LCD. This MCCB breaker is designed to redefine the standards of circuit protection, offering advanced features and capabilities to meet the diverse needs of modern electrical systems.

Versatile Performance for Various Applications

The iSGM6E-800H MCCB Electronic Type With LCD from Maxge is a versatile solution suitable for AC 50Hz/60Hz operating environments with a rated voltage of up to 415V. Covering a wide range of rated currents from 16A to 630A, this circuit breaker is ideal for applications that require infrequent changeover of circuits or the occasional starting of motors. With its flexibility and adaptability, the iSGM6E-800H MCCB ensures reliable performance in a variety of settings.


Enhanced Features for Optimal Operation

Featuring a frame size of 800, the iSGM6E-800H MCCB Electronic Type With LCD offers a robust and durable design to handle varying electrical loads and conditions. With a rated insulation voltage Ui of 1000V, this circuit breaker provides an additional layer of safety and protection for electrical circuits, minimizing the risk of insulation breakdown and ensuring stable operation even in demanding environments. Through the provision of real-time status information and diagnostics, the integrated LCD display contributes to an improved user experience by enhancing monitoring and control capabilities.


Advanced Technology for Efficiency and Reliability

Maxge incorporates state-of-the-art technology into the iSGM6E-800H Moulded Case Circuit Breaker to optimize performance and reliability. By leveraging electronic components and advanced circuitry, this MCCB Electronic Type With LCD delivers precise and efficient operation, reducing downtime and enhancing overall system efficiency. The frame size of 800 ensures compatibility with a wide range of applications, while the high insulation voltage rating underscores the product's commitment to safety and quality in electrical protection.



In conclusion, the iSGM6E-800H Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Electronic Type With LCD represents a significant leap forward in MCCB breaker technology, offering a combination of versatility, performance, and advanced features. At Maxge, we are proud to introduce a product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our customers in terms of electrical protection and reliability. With the iSGM6E-800H MCCB, you can trust in a solution that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and innovation, empowering you to manage your electrical systems with confidence and peace of mind.

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