Jointly Build A Green Power Future|MAXGE Electric Appears At The PhilEnergy 2024

On March 20th, the 4th Philippine Power and New Energy Exhibition was held in Manila, Philippines, to empower Southeast Asian energy solutions and work together towards a green future. This exhibition brings together more than 100 companies from more than 30 countries and regions. MAXGE Electric will appear with its technical strength and innovative energy solutions.

Unlocking new energy in green power

With the continuous development of international society, people's pursuit of high-quality life is growing day by day. MAXGE Electric actively attracts technical talents and adheres to scientific and technological innovation. By introducing products with cutting-edge technology in the market and energy solutions tailored for Southeast Asia, it has attracted widespread attention and stoppage from the audience.

In-depth exchanges and common development

During the exhibition, the technical sales manager of MAXGE delivered a speech on the theme of "Jointly build a safe and green power ecosystem". Combining the current situation of sustainable energy development in the Philippines, it deeply analyzed the criticality of sustainable energy and shared the latest technologies and innovative solutions of MAXGE in the field of new energy, pointing out the direction for the vigorous development of the green energy industry.

raftsmanship and exquisite quality

MAXGEs Molded case circuit breakers are available in fixed type, thermal adjustable type, thermal&magnetic adjustable type, electronic type and other types, with a breaking capacity of up to 100kA. Small size, short arcing and Anti-vibration. Not only does it perform well in traditional circuit systems, but it is also reliable in new energy electrical systems, providing strong power protection support.

Focus on green energy development

MAXGE Electric Technology Co., LTD is a large-scale comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, marketing and service. In recent years, we have actively responded to the green and low-carbon transformation of energy, continued to focus on emerging fields such as new energy and new infrastructure, vigorously strengthened the exploration of new technologies, new products and other key areas, and created professional new energy solutions tailored for customers.

Build new energy development forms

The latest report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) states that compared with 2022, the average renewable energy capacity of countries around the world will expand to 50% in 2023. As the key to promoting energy transformation, the power system plays an increasingly prominent role. Through continuous innovation and technological progress, MAXGE provides efficient and reliable solutions for the energy field and builds a new pattern of energy development with customers.

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