MAXGE Won The "Recommended Brand for Fire Protection and Energy Conservation" Award

On February 28, the China Emergency Industry Summit and the Top Ten Brand Awards Ceremony in the Fire Protection Industry with the theme of "Innovation, Persistence, Cooperation, and Win-Win" were held in Suzhou.

MAXGE Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this summit and won the "Recommended Brand Award for Fire Protection Green Energy Conservation".

The CEIS China Emergency Industry Summit and Selection of Excellent Brands in the Application Field of Emergency (Fire Protection) Products is sponsored by the China Safety Industry Association,supported by the Safety Education Professional Committee of Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy,the Building Fire Protection Comprehensive Technology Branch of the Architectural Society of China and other related associations.

With the progress of the society and the development of the times, the fire emergency safety system incorporates more new content, and various technologies are constantly endowed with new connotations.

Leaders of industry associations, experts in the field of emergency fire protection, business operators and industry users gathered together to discuss new trends, new situations, and new hot topics in the development of the emergency safety industry.Jointly discuss the future development trend of China Emergency Industry,and the transformation and upgrading led by digital intelligence technology and the informatization, intellectualization and networking of emergency rescue equipment.

The EPBR-40AFD series Arc Fault Detection Device(AFDD),independently developed by MAXGE,can effectively reduce the risk of electrical fire caused by series or parallel arcs between live conductors.

EPBR-40AFD has a rated current of 6-40A, high breaking capacity up to 6kA/10kA, and complies with IEC/BS EN 62606, 61009-1 standards.As an Arc Fault Detection Device, AFDD can provide four-in-one protection for overload, short circuit, arc fault, and ground fault. With structure upgrading and smaller volume,the applicable scenarios are diversified.This product is in line with the concept of green energy saving and environmental protection, and from the perspective of disaster prevention and mitigation, it further guarantees the safety of electricity consumption for users.

Digitization has fundamentally changed MAXGE's manufacturing field. The new digital factory has also promoted the manufacturing center of MAXGE to move towards highly customized products and systems, and build a precise and smart emergency technology protection system to ensure the safety of employees.

MAXGE has always adhered to the mission of "making electricity safe, green, and smart", and interconnected information among key technical equipment such as automatic assembly equipment, intelligent sensing and control equipment, and intelligent detection and assembly equipment.Realize the digital visualization of most workshops, and carry out the mission of green energy saving to the end.

Through the four dimensions of strategy, benefit, technology and talent, MAXGE explored the driving force behind the automated workshop, and adopted an innovative digital strategy to carry out a comprehensive digital transformation.

Congratulations again to MAXGE for winning the "Recommended Brand Award for Fire Protection Green Energy Conservation", which is the great affirmation of MAXGE by experts in the field of fire protection.

MAXGE's fire protection products and fire protection solutions provide favorable safety guarantees for the society.

Technological innovation is the key, and digital empowerment is the driving force.Through digital technology, MAXGE continues to improve the construction of investment innovation mechanism, and constantly improves the construction of production management.Coordinate development and safety, and work hard in the direction of specialization, accuracy, and advance to achieve qualitative interaction between high-quality development and high-level safety.

Security is the basic premise of sustainable and healthy economic development and an important starting point for promoting economic transformation.

China Emergency Industry Summit is a joint presentation of products, data, and services. It involves the endogenous core of smart fire protection and also shows the blueprint for the future development of smart fire protection.

MAXGE will also strive to achieve the goal of enterprises driving society and ensuring the safety of life and property.

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