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Circuit breaker overload protection

The realization of the overload protection function of the circuit breaker is the principle of using the bimetallic to bend regularly with the increas


A brief introduction to low voltage circuit breakers

Display: about low voltage circuit breaker are briefly introduced components is introduced: the low voltage circuit breaker is also called automatic s


What’s the difference of RCCB, RCBO and RCCB module?

 The function of MAXGE's RCCB  is  testing ground fault current  when detectedFault current  leakage current is more than


What are the main current parameters of dc circuit breakers in low voltage circuit breakers?

What are the main current parameters of dc circuit breakers in low voltage circuit breakers?Key technical parameters are as follows:1) Inm - low volta


Frequent tripping and treatment of leakage protectors - leakage protectors

The following is the method of handling the frequent tripping of leakage protectors:1. Try the delivery methodMainly find the residual current action


A brief analysis of the difference between contactor and high pressure vacuum circuit breaker

The control of high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is realized by auxiliary circuit. In the control panel of the main control room, there should be a


Fault diagnosis and treatment of circuit breaker

If the circuit breaker is not operated automatically, it is a fault. Generally, it should be judged as follows.1. Checked and confirmed as unclosed op


Development and application of mini small circuit breakers

The earliest circuit breaker in the world was created in 1885. It was a combination of a knife opening and an overcurrent trip. In 1905, air circuit b


Intelligent circuit breaker design

Intelligent circuit breaker is the core of the research status of intelligent circuit breaker intelligent controller, which is also known as electroni

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