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Circuit breaker overload protection

The realization of the overload protection function of the circuit breaker is the principle of using the bimetallic to bend regularly with the increas


A brief introduction to low voltage circuit breakers

Display: about low voltage circuit breaker are briefly introduced components is introduced: the low voltage circuit breaker is also called automatic s


What’s the difference of RCCB, RCBO and RCCB module?

 The function of MAXGE's RCCB  is  testing ground fault current  when detectedFault current  leakage current is more than


The future trend of pv system distributed pv development

Combining solar power with wind power, modern agriculture and poverty alleviation projects constitutes the photovoltaic system model. When it comes to


The difference between universal circuit breaker and molded case circuit breaker

1. Definition:Universal circuit breaker (frame breaker) :It refers to the circuit breaker with the structure of the frame structure with an insulating


The difference and comparison of circuit breaker and fuse

We know that in today's work production, both industrial and civilian power distribution system, there is a phenomenon, that is the use of low vol


Pv system pv combiner box self-check extremely important

The fault of the system component of the photovoltaic system is checked, and the reasons for the failure of the components are mainly reflected in the


Is the larger the better? Selection of circuit breakers

An open size refers to a large or small rated current. The higher the rated current, the higher the price, the better? Not really.The existence of a c


The characteristics of dc cable and its selection design of pv system

Dc mains photovoltaic modules system after pv junction box bus transmission lines to the inverter, if the inverter is the heart of the square matrix s

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