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Circuit breaker overload protection

The realization of the overload protection function of the circuit breaker is the principle of using the bimetallic to bend regularly with the increas


A brief introduction to low voltage circuit breakers

Display: about low voltage circuit breaker are briefly introduced components is introduced: the low voltage circuit breaker is also called automatic s


What’s the difference of RCCB, RCBO and RCCB module?

 The function of MAXGE's RCCB  is  testing ground fault current  when detectedFault current  leakage current is more than


What is a circuit breaker and how does it work?

In modern life,the circuit breaker is an important circuit device, and is one of the most important security mechanisms in the home circuit. Once the


The difference between molded case circuit breaker and microcircuit breaker

The main function of molded case circuit breaker(MCCB) is to provide protection function for the overload and short circuit in the protection circuit


Working principle of thermal relay

Thermal relay is a very important part of the relay family, and the production is more frequently used, which is of great significance. This paper wil


The upper and lower line of the circuit breaker

The upper and lower line of the circuit breaker will affect the use of the circuit breaker. On the upper and lower lines. What is the upper and lower?


1P+N double pole circuit breaker phase and N terminal are not interchangeable

Bipolar circuit breaker terminal and N terminal are not interchangeable because n-pole has the ability to open and close, only to no line protection a


Circuit breaker development history

Human beings are engaged in the application of vacuum as an arc and insulating medium. Back in 1893, American litton house designed the world's fi

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