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MAXGE Electric "Smart factory" helps enterprises to transform and upgrade

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-26      Origin:Site

MAXGE Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, and international sales of low-voltage circuit breakers and controlgear products such as MCB, RCCB, RCCB, RCBO, MCCB, AC Contactor, Thermal overload relay, Magnetic starter, MPCB, ACB, Distribution boxes etc. The company is established in year 2006 & expanding its horizons in more than 50 countries.

1. Test laboratory

1 实验室b

The laboratory is one of the key breakthrough projects in the construction of MAXGE's technical facilities. MAXGE expects to expand the laboratory building area to 13,000 square meters in the year 2022. And will set up a 10kA short circuit breaking capability testing center, CNAS laboratory, leakage protection electromagnetic compatibility room, physical and chemical analysis of raw materials, high voltage impulse testing, electrical life testing, EMC testing, PCB aging test, and other 15 key experimental projects.

1 模具车间b

1 模具车间b1-模具车间a 

MAXGE has an independent mould design team and a state-of-the-art mould manufacturing workshop. From mould design to manufacturing and processing, we have the most advanced EDM (electric discharge machining), wire cutting & VMC (vertical machining center) machines, and testing tools to ensure that the mold can guarantee the feasibility and accuracy of the products.

2. Precision parts manufacturing

MAXGE have component manufacturing workshops such as injection moulding , stamping & spot welding. Each workshop has realized automated production, with hundreds of automated and semi-automated equipment. This not only improves work efficiency but also greatly increases the qualification rate of parts. Components of the products manufactured by MAXGE are checked, manufactured, and inspected thoroughly to meet desired quality.


3 冲制车间a

3. Automated production line

5 智能车间

MAXGE's MES system can intelligently monitor the situation in the workshop and understand the situation in the workshop at the first time. On the information platform, the completeness of materials, efficiency, equipment status and other information are at a glance, which plays a key role in improving product quality control.

MAXGE has automatic testing lines for MCB, RCCB , RCBO & MCCB, among which MCB is assembled on automatic assembly line. On average, only 3-5 people are required for each production line to operate .MAXGE’s entire production model has been perfectly transformed from labor-intensive production to automated production. Manual operations of bar code laser printing,riveting, thermal calibration, cooling , thermal verification,mulipole coupling, magnetic testing, HV test, top & side face pad printing and automatic packaging of the miniature circuit breaker completely are replaced by automatic machines.


RCCB automatic testing line at MAXGE Electric includes Leakage current tripping unit under magnetization & de-magnetization conditions, Leakage current tripping & trip button testing unit, High voltage test unit, Side face laser printing unit, Top face pad printing unit & Packing unit. Traceability of the product with respect to two-dimensional bar codes code are realized.


Workshop of MCCB contains automatic testing lines for 125A, 160A, 250A, 400A, 630A & 800A frames. The testing machines include Open distance, Overtravel Test Unit, Auto. on-off, Synchronicity, Trip force, Trip distance Unit, Contact Pressure, Loop resistance Test Unit, magnetic Test Unit, Thermal Test Unit & HV test unit

8 MCCB车间b

7 脱扣器车间b

MAXGE’s efforts to build smart workshops will not stop. In June of this year, MAXGE has officially launched the SAP/ERP project to build the company’s integrated information management platform and promote the realization of the company’s core strategy. As soon as possible to achieve the company's fourth five-year sales plan to reach 2 billion RMB.

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