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MAXGE Electric SAP/ERP project kick-off meeting was successfully held

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-03      Origin: Site

On June 2nd, 2021, MAXGE Electric company’s Chairman Mr. Peng Sufu, Deputy General Manager Mr. Wang Jian, Information Technology Director Mr. Zhang Xiangwu and Ningbo Youdepu The company's General Manager Mr. Wang Jue and the project team gathered together to hold the MAXGE Electric SAP/ERP project kick-off meeting.


With the rapid development of the company and the rapid expansion of business scale, there is an urgent need to change its own concepts and management models, combine modern information technology with scientific management methods, and build an integrated information management platform for the company to promote the realization of the core strategy. In this context, MAXGE introduced industry-leading SAP software and product solutions. After a comprehensive inspection and evaluation, we finally joined Ningbo Youdepu Company as a software implementation partner to realize the smooth launch of the SAP project.

The first item on the agenda of the meeting. Mr. Yu Maye, Deputy General Manager of Youdepu, introduced and explained the project objectives, project implementation plan, and project implementation guarantees of the project. At the same time, it also explained the difficulties encountered during the project and their solutions.


The second agenda item of the meeting Mr. Zhang Xiangwu, director of the company's information technology department, introduced the project organization and KPIs. At the meeting, he gave a detailed introduction to MAXGE’s SAP/ERP project organizational structure and personnel, and explained the KPI objectives and specific assessment content at each stage, and also explained the assessment system that should be followed during the project.

Every participant enthusiastically read out the project commitment letter, which strengthened their confidence in the SAP/ERP project.

General Manager Mr. Wang Jue of Youdepu delivered a speech

Mr. Wang first expressed his appreciation for the preparatory work of MAXGE's SAP project, and said that UDP will go all out to cooperate with MAXGE's project promotion and policy implementation. According to Mr. Wang, UDP is headquartered in Ningbo and 80% of its customers are private enterprises in Zhejiang. In 2020, it won the first place as SAP partner in Greater China. Mr. Wang emphasized the importance of mutual trust between A and B during the project implementation process, and hoped that through the successful implementation of MAXGEAP project, it would help UDP to expand locally.

MAXGE company’s chairman Mr. Peng Sufu gave important instructions

Mr. Peng made relevant suggestions for the company's SAP project.

One belief: Only success, no failure. The importance and necessity of the SAP project to our company are unchangeable, so MAXGE must succeed in this project and do its best.

Two principles: The first principle is business-oriented, and IT is supplementary. The SAP project requires the full cooperation and support of all departments of the company. Each department should actively mobilize internal resources and participate actively to ensure that the work of this department is not delayed. The second principle is gradual progress and continuous improvement. The project must first pay attention to the company's main and key needs, continuous optimization and continuous improvement. The success of the SAP project will definitely help us improve efficiency, increase decision-making, and reduce costs.


Three requirements:

1. The person in charge of each department shall take the SAP project as his own work, fully support, and shall not be perfunctory or shirk;

2. The project team must plan well, advance steadily, and attach importance to the quality of project implementation;

3. The operators of each business module should study with an open mind, adapt actively, and give more suggestions.

At the meeting, Chairman Mr.Peng stated on behalf of the company that it must strictly abide by the SAP project KPI assessment system. If there is a slack, boycott or hindrance in the implementation of the SAP project, the company will clear the obstacles for the SAP project and never tolerate! Finally, Mr. Peng wished MAXGE Electric’s SAP project a complete success!


The SAP/ERP project is of course a very difficult and challenging information project, but as long as we hold the firm belief that "it is difficult, it will be done". Through the professional guidance of the external team and the sincere collaboration of the company's SAP project team, we believe that on New Year's Day in 2022, it will be successfully launched and create a new milestone for MAXGE.

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