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Children's Day | Close to nature, happy and worry-free

Author: MAXGE     Publish Time: 2021-07-02      Origin: Site


The labor union of MAXGE Electric Technology Co., Ltd. held a Children’s Day parent-child activity of "2021 Golden Childhood" in order to make the children spend a happy holiday. We took the children to play together in the Fantasy Valley of Shangzhu Mountain for the family of MAXGE. Leave a happy and beautiful parent-child memory.


Normally parents are always busy at work, but the time spent with their children is greatly shortened. But in fact, both parents and children hope to have a complete time with each other to accompany each other and immerse themselves in the package of love, and MAXGE organized an event for MAXGE employees to play with their children. Get close to nature together in the Fantasy Valley of Shangzhu Mountain in Deqing. Let's follow the steps of the children and see what we have played!


We are in the valley! At 9 o'clock in the morning, we lined up and entered the Fantasy Valley together.

图片4  图片5

 Let's go to feed the little animals!



5-1  图片9

Get started, plant blue dye

We made a handkerchief for ourselves.


图片11 图片12

Shoo~ Giant pandas, let’s come!

 图片13  图片14

图片15  图片16

Lunch! Lunch!


 图片18  图片19

We also have two children who are birthday stars. The company also prepared a very delicious ice cream cake for us. In this hot weather, I can eat a bite of ice-cold cake and feel comfortable all day long.

  图片20  图片21

   图片22  图片23

Take a small train and go around the valley to enjoy the scenery in the valley.



  图片25  图片26

I am going to play games with my parents!


  图片30  图片29


Through this activity, the children not only felt the warmth of the big family of MAXGE, but also narrowed the distance between the children and their parents and the company, closer the distance between the employees and the company, and greatly improved the affiliation of the employees. Sense of responsibility and sense of responsibility have boosted everyone’s morale, further enriched the spare-time lives of employees and their families, worked hard to solve the problems encountered by employees in their daily lives, improved their sense of gain, and allowed all employees to enjoy the company’s continuous development.

MAXGE's SAP is officially launched, and digital production has been greatly improved again. Let's experience the technological power of MAXGE together!

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