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Break the tradition, MAXGE intelligent circuit breaker solution

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-04      Origin:Site

As a common power distribution management equipment, circuit breakers are widely used in homes and industries. They play a pivotal role in the electricity market. Circuit breakers are inseparable in almost all areas of electricity consumption. At present, the domestic market for smart cloud circuit breakers is still very large. The broad blue ocean has a huge market prospect and will usher in new opportunities for smart electricity use. Professionals conservatively estimate that the scale will reach 130 billion in 2023.

Its main function is to integrate all the functions of traditional circuit breakers through the combination of traditional circuit breakers and the Internet of Things to realize smart electricity consumption and intelligent management of daily electrical equipment. The main function is to prevent and warn the electricity consumption in advance, avoid the occurrence of daily electricity fire and electric shock, and reduce the safety hazards of electricity consumption.


With the introduction of the concept of ubiquitous power Internet of Things, informatization requirements are put forward for the safety monitoring of electrical equipment and electricity consumption. In order to strive for more development opportunities, it is necessary to intelligently upgrade the traditional circuit breaker products, realize product access to the network, collect electricity data remotely, and provide accurate big data basis for electricity safety monitoring and electricity metering.

According to specific needs, Maxge Electric relies on circuit breaker products, combines WiFi, GPRS, 4G/5G, NB-IOT and other communication technologies, and integrates cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies to reduce the current Real-time collection of data such as voltage, leakage current, temperature, subdivision power and fault alarm.


Product Features

1. Safety protection: overload protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection, over and under voltage protection, electrical temperature detection

2. Remote control function: remote, local, timing, program setting-such as leakage self-test

3. Metering function: current metering, voltage metering, electric energy metering, frequency metering, power factor

4. Communication function: LORA, RS485


Cloud platform (cloud service, big data-smart electric energy and electricity safety supervision operation platform)

Property management system functions can be provided to properties:

Real-time electricity alarm and safety information record for all users

Monthly electricity consumption of all users in the past 12 months

Voltage and current fluctuations in each building in the past 12 months

Load fluctuations and load alarms for each building in the past 12 months

The property project manager authorized by the owner can also:

Modify the password of the electric box uniformly, set up the network, and combine the optional lines at will

One-key switch and timing management

Modify line name, real-time control


Personal mobile client personal users log in via mobile phone number, WeChat, QQ:

Remote setting, query, remote control or timing switch

Automatically complete the self-check of leakage protection function

Electricity metering for sub-circuits, real-time fault alarms, etc

In the next few years, traditional circuit breakers may completely withdraw from the electricity market, because traditional circuit breakers will not be able to meet more market functional requirements. With the emergence of the smart city IoT industry, the upgrade of traditional circuit breakers to smart cloud circuit breakers will be inevitable Road to achieve the upgrade of the smart city industrial chain.

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