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AFDD Series Arc Fault Detection Device

Arc fault circuit breakers are also known as arc fault inspection devices. AFDD is mainly to reduce the risk of electrical fire caused by series arc or parallel arc faults between live conductors. , It can check the electric arc fault, disconnect the power circuit before the electric fire occurs, and effectively avoid the electric fire caused by the arc fault. AFDD can also be combined with residual current protection appliances and overcurrent protection appliances to form a multi-purpose protection device.
Standard IEC/BS EN 62606,
IEC/BS EN 61009-1
Rated conditional short-circuit current,Inc 6kA
Protection Overload,Short circuit,
Ground fault,Arc fault
Rated current,In 6,10,16,20,25,32A
Number of poles 1P+N(1 Module)
Rated sensitivity currents,I△n 30,100,300mA
Characteristic B,C Curve
Rated residual non-operating current 0.5 X I△n
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 4000V
Rated voltage 2pole 240VAC
Ambient temperature (°C) -25~+40,Max. 95%humidity
Residual current off--time at I△n ≤0.1s
Type of trip Electronic release
Type of terminal Lug type and Pin type
Terminal capacity Cables up to 25mm²
Protection degree IP20
Mechanical Endvrance 10000
Electricac Endvrance 1200
Installation 35mm DIN rail
Application Consumer Umit