MAXGE SGB10K 1P 0.5-63A Miniature Circuit Breaker

SGB10K series

Miniature Circuit Breaker       

Technical data


Confirming   to EN/IEC 60898-1

Breaking  capacity



Against   overload and short circuit

Rated  current In



Rated  voltage

1pole 230/400V AC50/60Hz       

2,3,4pole 400V AC50/60Hz          

Rated insulation voltage Ui:500V     

Rated impulse withstand voltage


Energy limiting:class 3               

Ambient temperature

-5℃ to +40℃  pursuant to EN/IEC60898


Thermal operating limit:(1.13-1.45)xln 

Magnetic  operating:B:(3-5)x ln         

                  C:(5-10)x ln        

                  D:(10-20)x ln

Number of  poles

1P,1P+N,2P,3P,3P+N   and 4P

Type of  trip

Thermal   /magnetic release

Type of  terminal

Lug type   and Pin type

Terminal capacity

16mm²   flexible or 25mm² rigid 

up to25A ratings

25mm²   flexible or 35mm² rigid 

for 32A  to 63A ratings

Protection degree



Mounting   on 35mm DIN rail


17.5mm per   pole

Product advantage

A new type of household miniature circuit breaker that is independently developed by MAXGE.

Simple and reasonable structure, convenient operation and stable performance.

Good arc extinguishing effect, high sensitivity and extended service life of miniature circuit breakers.


Production system

Main products:low-voltage household series、industrial products series、solar photovoltaic series.

Design team :There are more than 50 senior engineers and technicians in MAXGE’s research and development team.

Manufacturing management :Capable of assembling and assembling all automatic production lines and greatly improving the delivery time.

ISO-9001 Production system certification

ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certification

OHSAS 18001 Occupational safety and health management system


Quality Assurance 

Had passed CE, KEMA, TUV,  SEMKO and other international certifications.


Order type

Bulk orders.

Modify and optimize the design according to the customer's drawings.

Physical samples can be provided.

We can accept on-site inspection at any time.


Business model

MAXGE, a self-owned brand spread theirs sales and are well received in over 60 countries and regions.

At the same time, MAXGE provides OEM, ODM products for a number of internationally renowned electrical brands.Circuit Breaker

Cooperate with local powerful distributors.

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