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MAXGE ELECTRIC wish you merry Christmas.

In 2017,it was the 11th year of the establishment of MAXGE electrical technology CO.,Ltd.Nearly ten years ,MAXGE has establishment it’s own indep


MAXDE's products are exported to more than 60 countries

The products of MAXGE electric are strictly manufactured according to IEC standard of international electrotechnical committee, and are expo


MAXGE electrical enterprise culture display

Business negotiation with foreign guestsCorporate culture and product showroomMCB, RCCB, RCD, MCCB product display areaMAXGE low voltage distribution


Pv distributed foreground is broad, dc circuit breaker is ready to be issued

In the situation of internal and external turmoil, domestic support for distributed pv is more determined, and the subsidy policy is out of order. In


The rise of China's photovoltaic industry will actively drive international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation

In may, the Indian prime minister's visit to China has promoted the development of china-india economic and trade cooperation: expanding new energ


The photovoltaic industry is reshuffled, a wave of unflatting, a wave

Photovoltaic industry has been troubled, this year in the United States to China pv "double reverse" has not been solved, the other side of


The molded case circuit breaker is also known as the device circuit breaker

The molded case circuit breaker is also known as the device circuit breaker, and all parts are sealed in the plastic housing, auxiliary contacts, unde


The development of power switching system product

ContactorSuch a switch power supply system for contactor switch components, a switching function with intermediate relay or logic control module compl


Solar energy combiner box, solar pv combiner box

In solar photovoltaic power generation system, in order to reduce the connection between inverter and PV array, corbett new energy according to the SJ

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